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From July 18 to 21

Live the Alacant Street Market experience! Join us on our tour through the province of Alicante and taste the best street food prepared in our foodtrucks, while enjoying free concerts and monologues, fun activities for children and a flea market with art and design stalls.

What is it?

Since 2015 touring the province of Alicante, feeding stomachs and smiles.

Alacant Street Market Tour is, since 2015, an itinerant gastronomic event that travels through different municipalities in the province of Alicante and surroundings. Each stop is unique, as we adapt to the space and the particularities of each place, but they all have the common thread of street food offered by our foodtrucks, fused with live music, entertainment, art and design. Below you will find the four main blocks that define our activity.

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Gourmet hamburgers, creative hot dogs, Argentine dumplings, Mexican tacos, delicious waffles... up to fifteen foodtrucks can be found at the Alacant Street Market Tour stops. Trucks, vans, caravans and trolleys, with a vintage style and a wide gastronomic offer of quality, that will seduce your eyes and your palate, at affordable prices.

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Free performances

Concerts and humor are a fundamental part of our stops. Tribute bands such as The Liverpool Band or Keeng, local bands such as Mailers or Xeco Rojo, and established artists such as OBK, La Guardia or La Habitación Roja have performed on our stage. Regarding humor, monologues by comedians of the stature of Jaime Caravaca or Grison Beatbox are common.

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Art and design

Many of our stops dedicate part of the site to the art and design market, where you will find dozens of stalls selling fashion, jewelry, decoration or curiosities. It is usual to count on the participation of Radio Vintage, and its rock band paintings, La Rita Vintage, and its handmade earrings, or Utopicat, and its precious fashion and home creations made of jute.

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Children's leisure

Alacant Street Market Tour is aimed at a family audience. Therefore, our program includes concerts for the little ones, such as Ramonets, Billy Boom Band or Soy Ratón, which have filled many of our stops with color and fun. In addition, it is common to see Edy the Clown, Kachinocheve the Magician or storyteller Alberto Celdrán, among other artists.

Tour 2024

More than ten municipalities will be stop of the Alacant Street Market Tour 2024

Not all of them are confirmed, but we can already announce that we will visit more than ten locations in the province of Alicante and surroundings. On this tour, we will be lucky enough to have prestigious bands, among which we highlight Santero y Los Muchachos, La Habitación Roja, Neuman, Rafa Sánchez (La Unión), Olivia, Nena Daconte, The Liverpool Band and Keeng, among many others. Use the carousel to find the stop that most interests you and consult the complete schedule.


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